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As Non-Executive Chairman of the Board and the Company Secretary Mr. Alexander brings a wealth of experience to the Board of Directors.

With a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from North East London Polytechnic he has honed and shaped his career with various academic endeavours including the MIT Executive Program in Corporate Strategy; Product Development and Manufacturing Strategy at Stanford University Business School; and the Program for Management Development from Harvard University Business School.
Having held a number of positions at Grace Kennedy from 1980 where he began as Project Engineer and retired in 2013 where during that period he held posts such as Chief Risk Officer, Divisional Projects Manager and Manufacturing Director. Mr. Alexander was also the Projects Manager at Kingston Wharves and went on to be its Acting CEO during his time there from 1999 to 2003. While his experience illustrates his management and leadership qualities Mr. Alexander is also a practical and pragmatic man.
Mr. Alexander also serves as Director for GraceKennedy Foundation, Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation, Mona Institute of Applied Science, Jamaica College Foundation and the Jamaica Productivity Council Advisory Board. Such Directorships illustrate that he is someone who is not only interested in business but also in community development as well.
Mr. Alexander is also a member of the Company’s Remuneration Committee.