A Call To Action: Take The Important Steps To Data Protection Compliance in 2021

This year presented many challenges for local organizations, as we faced evolving security threats, cyber-attacks and data breaches that have resulted in scepticism by the public towards some organizations and digital systems.

Data privacy and security issues will continue to impact local businesses, small and large, across all industries beyond 2021. Luckily, the recent confirmation by the Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Daryl Vaz, that the Information Commissioner will officially take office on December 1, 2021 and with it, represents serves to bring us closer to more serious protection

This means that when the Data Protection Law in gazetted in December, companies will have only two years to establish their data compliance programme or face dire consequences. Some of these repercussions include, in some cases, prosecution or steep sanctions for lapses in data security – as much as 4% of companies’ global revenue, in addition to public embarrassment and loss of goodwill.

Despite the penalties, tTech believes that organizations keen on upholding data security will realize that improved and enhanced data protection will stand to benefit their businesses. For these benefits to be gotten, there must be compliance. Organizations that prioritize security will surely relish higher levels of public confidence and better protection from bad actors and other criminal activity.

It is unfortunate, however, that several entities have not begun to act. tTech wants to ensure that our local businesses are mindful of the  not caught off-guard and faced with sanctions by the Commissioner in addition to the costs of fixing a breach.

Don’t wait on the date

Achieving data protection compliance requires some amount of strategy. IT Managed Service Providers like tTech understand that now, more than ever, we are needed to facilitate and enable data compliance, but organizations must be ready and willing to recognize the value in it.

With this in mind, we issue a call to action for local businesses to not wait on the enactment date. Instead, start working on your IT security plans to protect the private data of your clients, customers and even your staff members and become data protection compliant before the year has ended.

As we near the end of 2021, tTech continues to anticipate how these evolving data security issues will impact businesses and work towards practical solutions to navigate this complex space. We are proud to provide our valued partners with proven IT solutions for all their Data Protection needs.

Our team can help you become Data Protection compliant. Contact us today at 876-656-8448 or sales@ttech.com.jm to get started.