Best Data Protection and Privacy Practices

Physical security is every bit as important as cyber security and networks stability. A stolen laptop or one misplaced device can lead to significant risk of data loss. For your company, the impact can be disastrous, and the consequences are even worse in regulated industries or where data breach laws require public disclosure.


Here a few tips and best practices to maintain data privacy and protection:


  • use location tracking on all devices
  • use a cloud solution such as Active Directory
  • use antivirus to protect the integrity of data
  • establish an enterprise security system
  • secure email channels
  • use and update firewalls
  • utilize customer and employee information discretely
  • collect and store data discretely and securely whether in office or the cloud
  • re enforce infrastructure
  • adjust log in or access to persons’ personal data


Respect your stakeholders personal data privacy. Confidential data should be kept confidential and never misuse what has been provide to your company.


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