This led to us being early adopters and users of Cloud Solutions to run our own IT Infrastructure with solutions like Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Office 365, as well as cloud based servers and backup services. This experience has allowed tTech to develop the expertise to be able to help our clients to design, plan and manage the migration of their IT Infrastructure to cloud computing, in other words tTech creates an integrated experience that succeeds in greatly reducing the concerns, uncertainty and issues related to decisions around cloud migration.


Pure-play or Hybrid

tTech’s understanding and proven track record in the areas of Microsoft Active Directory, network, security and infrastructure design enables us to efficiently take our clients through the process of deciding which services to fully migrate to the cloud and which services to keep in-house and more important we help you to decide when a hybrid model is best for you.

Some of the specific services related to our Cloud Migration Services are as follows:


Active Directory Remediation Services

For our clients with Microsoft environments, Active Directory forms the critical backbone to support their information structure. A poorly functioning Active Directory environment affects a range of services including security, storage, replication and administration causing significant impact to your business. A healthy active directory environment is very necessary to facilitate cloud migration and hybrid environments. tTech offers assistance to remediate your active directory environment.

Microsoft Office 365 implementation Services

Office 365 offers the latest versions of Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online on a web-based, subscription model. With Office in the cloud you can login from anywhere from a range of devices and easily be able to access your files and applications wherever you go. The tTech team can assist your organization to migrate an existing environment to Office 365 or assist in a new Office 365 system deployment.

Exchange Online Migration Services

Microsoft Exchange Online is a remotely hosted enterprise messaging solution based on Microsoft Exchange Server. With Exchange Online, your organization's email is hosted on servers that are housed in Microsoft data centers. Email is accessible to users on a wide range of devices from inside your corporate network or over the Internet. tTech Limited employs best practices developed with our vendor partners and through actual client migrations to provide tested and known migration processes to successfully migrate a customer to Microsoft Exchange Online. tTech Cloud Migration Services works for a range of environments including migration from existing Exchange Servers, Lotus Notes Servers and a number of third party mail servers.

Single Sign On (SSO) Solutions

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions allows a user to log in once and gain access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of them. This solution is very beneficial for the use of pure play cloud services and hybrid cloud services, once you’ve signed into your PC on active directory, you would have access to your other programmes without needing to log in again. Similarly, logging off from the active directory would allow you to be logged out of any programmes you may have been using. Depending on you, our client’s needs, tTech offers a few options for single sign-on solutions.

Cloud Storage Services

Online backup is very necessary in these times and with the
wide range of options available on the market, tTech Limited will
assist in selecting the most appropriate storage solution based
on your needs, your RPO and RTO objectives.



Other Cloud Services

tTech Limited in association with tTech Consulting offers assistance and services that make it easier for organizations to consider, select, consume and maintain cloud services, particularly when these services span multiple providers.