COVID-19 and Your Heart

Now that COVID-19 is here, you may wonder about its effects on the heart and those with heart disease. We are still learning but let us share with you some of what we know after 100,000 cases.

Most persons who have been infected have not shown any specific cardiac /heart injury.

There has been no microscopic evidence that the virus directly infects the heart
A minority of patients have shown signs of inflammation of the heart muscle.
If you have underlying coronary artery disease (blockages or narrowing in the blood vessels of the heart), patients who are ill with COVID-19 could experience worsening of chest pain. After recovering from the infection there has been no evidence of lingering heart damage and heart function returns to normal for the few who showed some effect.
Most patients who have died had underlying chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and lung disease.
Don’t stop taking your heart medications if you become infected with the virus.

If you have a Doctor’s appointment and you have the following symptoms: fever, a persistent dry cough, shortness of breath or feeling chills, you should postpone your visit. You are encouraged to call the Ministry of Health and Wellness Hotline at 888-ONE LOVE so you can be given instructions on what to do.

Partners Interventional Centre of Jamaica (PICJ) urges you to observe the precautions issued by the Ministry of Health and Wellness with regards to social distancing, hand hygiene, sanitizing of your surroundings and avoiding touching your face with your hands.

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Source: review article tctMD by Shelley Wood

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