tTech Opens New Office Downtown

Management and staff of Jamaica’s leading managed IT services company, tTech, welcomed guests officially to its new home on Wednesday, July 16.

The ‘new’ home, 69 ½  Harbour Street, is actually quite familiar as it is the same building tTech started in. However, the sleek operations are now on the ground floor of the structure. Founder/CEO of tTech, Edward ‘Teddy’ Alexander, who was previously chief information officer at GraceKennedy (GK), started tTech as an offshoot of GK’s tech department. They were, and still are, literally next door to GK’s main office in downtown Kingston. That was about eight years ago and now, tTech’s clientele now ranges from financial services, distribution, the maritime sector, to education and defence. In looking back at the rapid growth, Alexander thanked the customers first and foremost.

“It is customers who are the most important thing in any business,” he said, before singling out a few of their early customers, including Gateway Shipping and Allied Trucking. He also had special words for GK as it helped tTech to develop its services. In a study published by CompTIA, a non-profit association for the IT industry, it was noted that organisations that adopt managed IT services are able to cut their IT expenses by up to 25 per cent, and that’s tTech’s purpose. The tTech approach separates IT into two major elements – those that contribute value and serve as strategic differentiators for your organisation and the way you do business, and important IT infrastructure elements that add cost but no strategic value or differentiation. tTech manages these infrastructure elements, while companies keep those in-house skills that differentiate their business.

Excellent service

“I dare say that our service is at a very high level,” Alexander said, reiterating the company strives to provide “an insanely good customer experience” that will make customers “be evangelists” for tTech. Aside from showing off the new spot, tTech also used the event to unveil their newest business line. Alexander said tTech will be expanding its services, with the imminent creation of tTech Consultancy, to be launched before yearend, a part of the company’s wider plan to expand to the Caribbean.

tTech not only supports the management of IT systems of clients, but offers a wide range of related services, including infrastructure monitoring, IT security, cloud migration services and unified communications.