IT & Business Alignment For COVID-19 Recovery

tTech | May 31, 2021

In business, departments often operate in silos; with some departments operating as one entity and the IT department operating as another – nonmindful of what the other is doing.
The COVID-19 pandemic played a pivotal role in companies realising the critical need for technology and tech companies like tTech. As people transitioned to work-from-home and sought more digitized operations, the need for business and digital alignment as well as for accompanying tech services skyrocketed.
While businesses that already leveraged technology were well-positioned to recover, grow and thrive during the crisis, others that continued to neglect the importance of this synergy lagged behind and found it hard to transition into this ‘new normal’.
Through the onset of the pandemic, however, tTech has continued to challenge the way companies digitally transform their business operations, to enable delivery of their services to customers.
We recognize that, for many organizations, adjusting operations in such a way may be difficult because it requires a culture shift – to change the mindset of the decision-makers, management and staff. The first step, however, is to recognize and accept that change is required for alignment to take place.

What is alignment and what does it look like?

Every individual and department within your company needs to be working towards a common goal for alignment to be achieved and yes, this can still happen even with work-from-home orders being implemented. Like a 2-way street, when the IT personnel understands the business goals, and the business leaders begin to understand enough about the need for and purpose of the technology in the company’s business process, then recovery and growth will happen through meaningful collaboration.

Achieving alignment at a time like this requires business strategy. IT Managed Service Providers like tTech understand that now, more than ever, they are needed to facilitate and enable digital transformation  in companies’ business processes while at in parallel , companies  must be ready and willing to recognize the value in IT investment.

tTech Limited is proud to be on the forefront of IT education and service in Jamaica and continues to provide our valued clients with insanely good IT services to facilitate the safety, recovery and growth of their businesses.