IT Law Expert To Shed Light On Data Protection Act

Gleaner :Wednesday | April 10, 2019 | 12:19 AM

As the evolution of technology continues to transform various industries across the board, consumers’ personal data become more vulnerable to unauthorised access and manipulation.

During the upcoming Tech Con by tTech, slated for Friday at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, IT experts will provide key insights on the topic of the Data Protection Act and how businesses can be compliant.

Tech Con by tTech is a conference designed to explore the latest advances in technology, its rapid development and the solutions it can provide users globally. The event will feature multiple noteworthy speakers including legal specialist Georgia Gibson Henlin, partner at Henlin Gibson Henlin, who will focus on the implications of keeping data in the cloud in response to the looming Data Protection Act and how mistakes can be avoided.

With more than 20 years of wide-ranging experience, Gibson Henlin has been deemed an expert in information technology law. Part of her discussion will explain how data stored in the cloud, in many cases, exist in several locations around the globe. With each location denoting risks that involve local laws and regulations, the Data Protection Act comes into play and forms an important role in safeguarding the privacy of an individual’s identifiable and sensitive information.

The legislation has been built on the framework of the European Union’s GDPR, which compels businesses to obtain clearer consent for using customers’ information. The Data Protection Act introduces tough penalties for failing to protect people’s data and while businesses are required to be clear about consent, the legislation stipulates that data are only to be obtained for specific lawful purposes, be relevant to the intended purpose, and not collected in excess.

“The key is for businesses to make themselves aware of the parameters of the Data Protection Act and make the necessary adjustments to align with it,” said Christopher Reckord, CEO of tTech Limited.

“Tech Con by tTech promises to bridge the gap for business owners by connecting the dots between IT strategy, governance and laws, trends and cybersecurity risks.”

The establishment of the Data Protection Act is a more proactive approach to securing critical personal data. With such keen local and international attention on the subject, businesses should be taking the necessary precautions to protect their customers’ data to regain and maintain their trust.