Leveraging Lessons Learnt in COVID-19 – Business Recovery & Transformation

In every crisis, companies can find opportunities. Don’t let the world slowing down hinder your process, but rather find a solution that you can invest your time and resources in, that will foster growth and innovation for your company.


The Covid-19 pandemic has plagued the world in a cloud of uncertainty. At the beginning of 2020, the virus had made surges in China and by the end of January, cases were recorded in the U.S., Japan, Thailand and South Korea. By the end of March, global cases were roughly 500,000 and as of June 23, cases had escalated to 9.2 million. The virus has not shown any signs of slowing down in some regions and, as such, some economies around the world are struggling to remain financially stable as a result.


In an attempt to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended the cessation of major outdoor activities –

especially in large groups. As a result, many companies across the world implemented work-from-home orders – forcing themselves into the digital workplace. For many, the work-from-home initiative was a new phenomenon, and as such they had to quickly adapt to their new environment.


Not many companies were able to function adequately in the digital space, especially with the removal of their employees from the communal workspace. Issues of productivity, connectivity, lack of technological support and protection were at the forefront of the concerns held by employers who seemed desperate for survival – to find a comfortable, sustainable workflow in this new reality.


As a result of the pandemic, our workforce may never go back to business as usual.  Luckily, solutions exist for companies to invest their time and resources in, that will foster growth and innovation regardless.


For companies with employees working remotely or on-site, it is important to have adequate IT security to protect sensitive data as well as equipment. This includes cloud storage to ensure that all data is safely secured and backed up and policies to guide the use of said data and operation of hardware are in place. Unified communication platforms such as Sangoma PBX and the Microsoft O365 suite of products, particularly Microsoft Team, are examples of proven solutions that facilitate seamless, real-time, multi-method communication services that allow teams to remain accessible within and beyond the workplace.


Our workforce may never go back to business as usual, especially with threats of a ‘second wave’ of the virus in some countries, which will force further lockdown and stifle some business operations. Preparation is key for times like these. It is pertinent, therefore, for companies to seek to develop and maintain functional digital platforms that will go a long way in serving customers and clients, while saving money and reducing overhead costs.


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