Quick tips to avoid cyberattacks on social media

Any piece of your business that is touching the internet should be reviewed by IT and IT security personnel,” says Christopher Reckord, CEO of tTech Limited.

His comment follows a recent case of a cyber-attack on the account of a Jamaican company. The verified social media account was taken over by criminals who appeared to be targeting the company’s followers with messages intending to acquire whatever personal information they can.

To this end, Reckord has shared critical points for secured use of a company’s social media space.

Check them out below:

  • Multi-factor authentication is a must. While this sounds complicated it is not, and it is strongly recommended that it is turned on. Multi-factor authentication usually requires several levels of verification to authenticate the user. This is a good way to prevent vulnerability and changes to accounts including passwords. Multi-factor verification is usually spread across varying applications and devices limiting the access by bad actors if they breach a single touchpoint.


  • Cyber Security Awareness Training is required for all brands. tTech has been an advocate for this training for their customers and for companies in general and offers a very in-depth Cyber Security Awareness Training. The door often used by bad actors is preying on the weakest link in the cyber chain: people. With Cyber Security awareness, staff members are armed with the tools to assess incoming attacks and be able to decipher those that could be sent by hackers; a trained staff is less vulnerable to cyber-attack. 


  • Social media and its management are an essential part of today’s online landscape. As social media management is not often under the umbrella of the usual IT Department and by extension its policies, it is recommended that Social Media Management Policies be introduced where it does not already exist, allowing for effective communication and quick handling of any changes that can occur and affect the use of a company’s social media platforms.