Run Your Business Effectively Despite COVID-19!!! 


Many Businesses are concerned about the COVID-19 virus and its potential impact on operations. Keep your business up and running by taking advantage of our cloud storage, communication and collaboration tools! 

 Having the right tools to work from home will give you the flexibility and the control to manage your business while keeping your team connected, engaged, safe and protected despite the threat of COVID-19. 

tTech Limited offers the right solutions, online and in the cloud that may be used from the comfort of your homes to run and manage your business effectively. 

With tTech you can still engage with employees and customers, minimizing business impact, no matter where you are! 


Collaboration tools: 

  • sharing files; anywhere access; internally/externally 
  • working together on documents; co-authoring, 
  • document review, and document tracking. 
  • shared calendars 
Communication tools: 

  • meetings & meeting management; 
  • live/video conferencing; 
  • team chat; 
  • private discussions; 
  • One-to-One’s; 
  • Instant messaging  
Cloud storage:  

  • synced content library; anywhere access 
  • upload multimedia from mobile devices,  
  • file sharing file storage,  
  • create & share folders,  
  • track changes, desktop synchronization, data loss prevention management,  


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