Social Media Best Practices

We now live in a global community that is interconnected by the internet. To communicate with people all over the world is just a few clicks, this is amazing! Emails, social media platforms, live video conferences and skype chats have shifted how, when and where we communicate.

Social media has disrupted how we communicate and the lack thereof.  There are strong proponents and opponents of the use of social media platforms but the decision is relative to the individual or the company who utilizes same. One thing for certain is that it has global reach and content posted stays there forever, therefore be careful of what you post. Many lives have been seriously impacted by social media posts that have gone viral whether done vindictively by a third party or just a bad decision by the person.  Should I post this? Is this too personal? Too much information? Is this picture appropriate?  If you are feeling apprehensive and asking yourself these questions, and are have niggling doubts then obviously, it’s best not to proceed with posting.

The world has become a synergistic model where there is collaboration and interaction. When this is placed in the context of social media there is synergy; the first thing done in the morning is to reach for your phone checking your WhatsApp, emails and social accounts to collaborate and interact with others.

These social platforms are built to communicate in real time with business associates, family and reconnecting with old friends. Most of these platforms have private messaging capabilities where the communication is from end to end without visibility from third parties so persons have that option in comparison to a public post.

Social means light, fun things that you want to share and this can be a positive experience if you follow some basic Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Do be genuine in what you post, simply put do not tell lies or communicate fake news. There are legal repercussions to posting fake news and stories.
  2. Do create a positive experience by posting good content that is uplifting to others.
  3. Do showcase your talents and use your social media accounts as a selling tool.
  4. Do be respectful in your comments and opinions.
  5. Don’t share a step by step account of your day especially where you are expected to be and at what time.
  6. Don’t use it to get back at someone for a wrongdoing or to slander them. This also has legal repercussions.
  7. Not everyone is truthful online so be careful when disclosing information or planning to meet up with someone.
  8. Don’t create a fake profile, there is absolutely no reason for this.
  9. Don’t post those revealing pictures, many employers access social media accounts as a reference point to your character.
  10. Have fun while using these social media platforms!

In maintaining social media accounts try and create positive uplifting experiences, be helpful and make it about enjoyment.

Article is written by Gillian Murray.  She is the Marketing Officer at tTech Limited. She can be contacted at 656-8467/656-8448 or by email at