tTech Limited invests in food security for Labour Day in Rose Town

Our Today | May 29, 2022

A team of volunteers from tTech Limited, which included employees and family members, headed to the community of Rose Town in St Andrew on May 23, where they demonstrated good corporate citizenship by planting fruit trees to provide food security and nutritional benefits, particularly for the children.

As tTech Limited celebrates its milestone of 15 years in business in 2022, its Labour Day project embodied the value placed on improving communities like Rose Town.

Rose Town sits off Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, with approximately 3,000 residents and is in the proximity of the downtown Kingston area in which tTech operates.

“We decided to provide trees to feed the community and provide nutritional benefits, particularly for the children.” – Gillian Murray, tTech Limited marketing manager.

Gillian Murray, tTech Limited marketing manager, said: “The company remains committed to investing in sustainable initiatives surrounding community and youth development, which made ‘going green’ with our 2022 Labour Day Project an easy decision. In keeping with our 15th anniversary, today, we are planting 15 fruit trees in two separate areas of the Rose Town community. We decided to provide trees to feed the community and provide nutritional benefits, particularly for the children.”

tTech Limited partnered with the Caribbean Tree Planting Project, an initiative under the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance and the Rose Town Foundation, which aided in accessing the Rose Town community.

Jamila Falak, musician and Jamaica Team coordinator for the Caribbean Tree Planting Project, noted that “the organisation seeks to establish long-term partnerships with entities focused on community and youth development like tTech Limited to foster overall community enhancement and food security. The overall mandate of the Caribbean Tree Planting Project is to ensure the enhancement of the sustainable development goals by 2030 within the Caribbean”.

Residents of the Rose Town community turned out in their numbers to observe and assist with the tree planting exercise.

The Rose Town Foundation, supporting the Rose Town community since 2006, welcomed tTech Limited’s Labour Day Project as it was not only improving the green spaces for the residents but also providing food security based on the types of trees planted.

Executive Director Ruth Jankee said: “The focus of the foundation is to support the community through improving the physical infrastructure, green spaces, education, commercial enterprises, capacity building of individuals and the overall social and emotional health of the community. The Rose Town Foundation has worked with stakeholders to get past the negatives, divisions, violence and poverty affecting the community. We are helping to increase the capacity of community members to build the community themselves.”

Food for the Poor enabled the initiative by contributing a variety of trees, including breadfruit, ackee, June plum, apple and mangoes, among others.