tTech Limited Supports Veterans with Donation to National Poppy Appeal

Jamaica-based managed IT services provider tTech Limited has made a charitable donation towards the Jamaica Legion National Poppy Appeal, which began its annual drive in October 2021.

The Poppy Appeal was established to provide some much-needed support to military veterans in the island.

One of the foremost goals of the Poppy Appeal for 2021 is to increase the Jamaican public’s awareness of the fight to uphold the human rights and freedoms that the poppy flower signifies and thousands of Jamaica soldiers sacrificed to secure – leaving many of them physically and psychologically maimed.

A sum of $50,000 was contributed by tTech to assist the Poppy Appeal in meeting its financial goal of raising $15,000,000 to be used towards the care of indigent military veterans at Curphey Home in Newport, Manchester, Jamaica.


The Jamaica Legion Poppy Appeal said it was grateful to have garnered tTech’s support for this effort.

Speaking on the contribution, Lieutenant Colonel Warrenton Dixon, chairman of the Poppy Appeal, said: “tTech has contributed to our financial goal, for which we are grateful, but the spiritual support that led tTech to extend the financial support in the first instance is the most invaluable contribution, as it helps us towards meeting our primary goal of a greater spiritual bond to what the poppy represents. It is likely that even without future financial support, the staff of tTech will continue to sense a connection to our veterans in future years.”

The Jamaica Legion Poppy Appeal is the primary fundraising arm of the Jamaica Legion, which is an organisation that is responsible for caring for local military veterans; providing for those who need assistance, safeguarding their welfare and protecting their interests. There are currently more than 100 former servicemen, servicewomen and widows who benefit from the financial, medical, optical and dental assistance provided by the Jamaica Legion, in addition to the provisions made for those domiciled in Curphey Home.

According to tTech Limited, the company was pleased to be able to assist with such an effort.

Speaking on its involvement in the initiative, tTech Marketing Manager Gillian Murray said: “Our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices to serve our country and protect our rights and freedoms. Whether they served in active combat or a support role, military veterans are at a higher risk of mental health disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), and substance abuse disorders.”

She continued: “Many are living with disability, chronic pain, and other service-related illnesses. These sacrifices warrant our duty to always help them heal to the very best of our ability, so they may comfortably enjoy meaningful moments with their loved ones and the quality of life they deserve.”

The IT service provider said it has always, and especially throughout the pandemic, supported initiatives geared towards human rights and the betterment of Jamaica.

From 2020 to 2021 so far, the company has donated tablets, data, cash, supplies, time and other resources among programmes that cater to youth, education and, most recently, local veterans.