tTech Partners with Design Privacy to Launch Data Protection Service

Our Today | Oct 8, 2021

Technology firm tTech Limited has partnered with privacy experts, Design Privacy, to offer data protection support in anticipation of the gazetting of the Data Protection Law. 

The tech firm formalised its venture with a public education forum, held online late September 30, 2021.

The Data Protection Act, which aims to safeguard Jamaicans’ privacy and personal information, was passed in 2020 by both Houses of Parliament and became law in July that same year. While the country waits for the Government to name an effective date for enactment, tTech has undertaken initiatives like this, that are aimed at giving awareness about the Act and achieving compliance. 

Speaking on the need for such an initiative, attorney-at-law and founder of Design Privacy, Chukwuemeka ‘Chuk’ Cameron, stated that “tTech and Design Privacy have come together as a support resource for local businesses, recognising that they may not be aware of the first step to become Data Protection Act ready or how to set up data protection compliance programmes. We have joined resources and expertise to meet this challenge”.

Notwithstanding the current grace period afforded for compliance, he urged Jamaicans to get on board quickly or face consequences.

“We have spent the last 12 months assisting companies in making the requisite monumental change that has to take place, to ensure that Jamaicans are protected. In an era of heightened concerns about data privacy and cyber attacks, there is no discrimination under the law in relation to how the legislation will be applied. Any person or organisation processing personal data can be sanctioned; whether banks, small businesses, churches or other entities. They will all be scrutinised by the information commissioner under the Data Protection Act.”

Emphasis was placed on the need for organisations to begin preparations now, to ensure that they have the appropriate procedures in place, as non-compliance could result in imprisonment and fines of up to four per cent of a company’s annual gross revenue. 

The implications of this cross-industry statute are far-reaching, as there are several upsides.

Lesley Cousins, tTech’s consulting services manager, assured attendees that, among other benefits, the Data Protection Law will enable local businesses to better compete within the digital global market.

She stated: “As we see it, the Act facilitates rather than impedes your business and compliance under the Law will give you a significant advantage over your competitors who have not made privacy a priority.”

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