Unified Communications allows businesses to have seamless, real-time communication services using a variety of methods including instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing and desktop sharing among others. Unified Communications provides a consistent unified user-interface and user-experience across multiple platforms and devices.

tTech can help your organization increase productivity and responsiveness using unified communications solutions. From basic push-to-talk to IP telephony to comprehensive voice and data, businesses have the freedom to select a specialized solution that will best suit their needs.



Xorcom PBX

The Xorcom ipPBX system is the only physical product that tTech resells at this time. This is because experience has taught us that while customers are comfortable buying PCs, Servers and general networking equipment from one vendor and having another vendor install and manage them, this is not the case for phone systems. The Xorcom IP-PBX is a reliable, cost-friendly solution that provides users with a customized experience for each role in the organization. It is an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system based on the open source platform Asterisk which is used by most Fortune 1000 companies in over 170 countries. The Xorcom PBX system includes all the features that would be expected in a more expensive proprietary system. These features include voicemail, automated attendant, call queuing, conference bridging, paging and intercom calling. This provides users with flexibility, modularity and most importantly no ‘per user’ license fees.

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync enables communication and collaboration from almost anywhere at any time. Lync lets people share information from applications across multiple platforms and provides a reliable system for easier management, lower costs, smoother deployment, and greater flexibility. Microsoft Lync is an enterprise ready converged unified communications solution designed to increase responsiveness, improve customer service and bring immediate cost savings to your business by pulling together separate communications activities into one platform. Too much separate activity, using different avenues for communication such as text, voice calls or IM, slows down employees. Lync combines and drives forward all of your communication channels; video, web and audio conferencing, voice, mobile, IM and voicemail to provide a seamless flow of continual activity. There are three different solutions with Microsoft Lync - one that is deployed on premises, one that is externally hosted or one that combines the best of both, it all depends on your business' needs and resources. tTech can help you to decide the best option for your business.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the industry's leading platform for e-mail, calendaring, contacts and unified messaging on a PC, phone, and web browser. It is one of the more popular communication tools and is used by many businesses worldwide. Exchange is available online and also on premise. tTech Limited can assist you to decide which is the very best option for you.