What NOT to do when working remotely

Be honest- you’ve wanted to work from home for a long time, but you didn’t have the capabilities to do. Now that thousands of companies are switching to remote work, there are always company and departmental guidelines or policy for how to complete numerous tasks at the office. However, you must adjust to doing work from home. Here are some things you should not do and why, as well as ways you can avoid them.

Don’t stay in bed

Never laze around in bed while working. This can be detrimental to your productivity. Start the workday as you normally would- wake up early, complete daily ablutions then get dressed. You need to stay presentable for video chats and conferences. Keep up a routine to energize you at the start of the day. It helps you to stay focused and encourages healthy habits.

Never overload your tasks for the day

You may believe that you will have time for the myriad of tasks you are responsible for, especially with little to no distractions, but that is wishful thinking. It is easy to lose track of what you are doing at home when jumping from one task to the other. Try to prioritize, plan and record the progress of each task to make your day flow smoother.

Do not neglect your health

Many persons may suffer adversely from working from home. You may eat more as snacking becomes a way to pass the time, human interactions are lower, and your energy level may decrease. We are used to being active daily, however, staying home removes a lot of the necessary walking from our lives. You must make up for that by exercising as often as possible. tTech Human Resource Officer, Moneshe Hutchinson, offered this tip “add an early morning workout, 15-30 mins and you’ll be surprised at how energized you are for your day”.

Don’t forget that you’re at work

Never forget your stipulated work hours. Try to avoid clumping work duties with familial responsibilities during that time. This should not be the case. It is understandable as schools are closed as a quarantine precaution, but it is not acceptable to have awkward or loud noises from your family on a business call. We suggest that you limit it as much as possible. You are still a representative of your company and as a day in the office would go, so should it be in your remote workspace.

Never leave your device unlocked

This is a very critical security risk. With the increased exposure to cyber-attacks, a fundamental rule to follow is securing your device. Try to minimize the usage of any device you use for work while at home. Unauthorized persons should not have access to company documents or systems. It is the easiest way a hacker could get access to your system through applications used by family members. Be vigilant and lock your pc or tablet.

Never take company property without permission

There is a major issue for some industries allowing employees to work from home. It begs to question what information or equipment is okay to take off company property and how can it be protected? To avoid the risk of damage and theft, ask or seek advice before you relocate office equipment.


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