tTech launches virtual staging of TechCon 2021


tTech Limited has announced the virtual staging of TechCon 2021, which is scheduled for May 18 to 19, 2021.

This highly anticipated conference is its fourth staging and is expected to bring a wealth of knowledge surrounding the impact of the pandemic and the post-pandemic outlook for businesses, data protection and compliance as well as cybersecurity requirements.

The conference has already attracted a diverse line up of local and international speakers. The two-day line up includes international speakers, Twyla Pateman, Senior Information Security Consultant at Hitachi Systems Security; Kenneth McGee, Research Fellow, CIO at Info-Tech Research Group and Dalton Fowles, Country Manager Jamaica and Trinidad at Mastercard; to name a few.

The conference will also see several of our local experts on IT infrastructure and digital transformation such as Dr Maurice McNaughton, Lila Rao-Graham and Gunjan Mansingh; tTech Limited’s very own Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Reckord; and Design Privacy, Founder Chukwuemeka Cameron; to name a few.

C-Level executives, business leaders, information technology experts and a host of participants in the technology industry will meet virtually to discuss the paradigm shift in the dependency on the technological landscape and its impact on businesses.

Marketing and HR Manager, Gillian Murray said, “While many of our clients were digitally prepared for the demands brought about by the pandemic and we have been working closely with several businesses in Jamaica to improve their information technology infrastructure and their digital transformation process, many companies still need additional information and guidance to enable them to comply with the legal requirements as well as reduce their risk exposure; TechCon 2021 will provide this”.

The world-class staging of TechCon 2021 will be hosted under the theme Enabling A Digital Society: Resilience in the Face of Change.

Additionally, TechCon 2021 will provide the platform to explore the disruption facing the tech industry and highlight how businesses can recuperate. Key topics of the conference include Post-Pandemic Digital Transformation, The Shift towards a Cashless Society, Microsoft 365 & Teams: Enabling Resilience, Putting A Price on Protection and GDPR vs Jamaica’s Data Protection Act among others.